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10 unusual facts about pole dance:

Pole dancing has come a long way from its origins as a form of strength and agility training for men in India and China. Today, it is a popular and respected art form and fitness activity enjoyed by people of all genders around the world. But despite its growing mainstream appeal, there are still many […]

Top 10 Reasons Why People Don’t Join Pole

Fear of judgement: Some people may feel self-conscious about trying pole dance fitness and worry about being judged by others. Lack of flexibility or upper body strength: Some people may feel that they are not flexible or strong enough for pole dance fitness, and may be intimidated by the idea of trying it. Cost: Pole […]

Meet Toni

Hi there! I’m Toni! If you don’t know me already, you must be new around here! 🥳 Welcome! 🙌 (Please make sure you say hey below! 😉 I love connecting with people.) I’m the Owner of this incredible place and one of the Beginner Pole Instructors. I’m also a Mum, coffee addict ☕️ , chocoholic […]

Fantastic Classes for Kids in Bundaberg

If you are anything like me (a busy mum of 3 kids), you are probably constantly looking for engaging activities for your kids to do in Bundaberg that they LOVE. Pole-nastic classes may be just the thing to keep them busy while they learn to improve their motor skills, make new friends and use up […]