Fantastic Classes for Kids in Bundaberg

If you are anything like me (a busy mum of 3 kids), you are probably constantly looking for engaging activities for your kids to do in Bundaberg that they LOVE. Pole-nastic classes may be just the thing to keep them busy while they learn to improve their motor skills, make new friends and use up some of that limitless energy.

Book them in to enjoy our kids class right at our Bundaberg Pole, Dance, Aerial Arts and Fitness Studio!

Kids Polenastics

We teach little people from 6 years + in our Polenastics Kids classes. Think gynmastics style classes that also incorporate Pole and aerial Lyra (hoop)!  These classes foster foundational movement, coordination, strength, flexibility, social interaction and most of all encourage having an incredibly fun time being active!

Tiny Sparks

Interested in a fun and different movement class for your child 3-6 years old? Please get in touch with us to see availability and scheduling for our Tiny Sparks classes!


Did you know your first class at The Neon Loft is FREE? Click here to claim your complimentary class pass!

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