About this Privacy Policy

1.1 The Neon Loft, ABN 48500445834 has implemented this Privacy Policy to provide information about what kinds of Personal Information we may collect or hold, how we collect, hold, use and disclose that Personal Information and your ability to access or correct that Personal Information.

Personal Information

2.1 “Personal Information” is information or an opinion, whether true or not, and whether recorded in a material form or not, about an identified individual or an individual who is reasonably identifiable.

What Personal information do we collect and hold?

3.1 The types of Personal Information we may collect about an individual will depend upon the nature of our interaction with them. Personal Information that we collect may include (but is not limited to) the following:

  • (a) name
  • (b) age and/or date of birth
  • (c) contact details including telephone numbers (landline and/or mobile)
  • (d) email address
  • (e) payment details, such as your credit card or bank account details: and
  • (f) information from social media accounts and profiles

3.2 We collect and record Personal Information about individuals such as:

  • (a) our customers, potential customers and their representatives
  • (b) our employees past and present, including applicants, and
  • (c) any other person who comes into contact with The Neon Loft

How and when do we collect Personal Information?

4.1 We collect your Personal Information to allow us to conduct our business functions, to provide our products and services, and for the specified purposes set out in paragraph 5. In some circumstances, the collection of Personal information may be required by law.

4.2 We may collect your Personal Information in the course of providing you with goods or services, or:

  • (a) when you use or buy our products or services
  • (b) when you provide information to us in any way (including by completing a form, disclosing information over the phone or via email, or providing us a business card)
  • (c)when you request information about us, our products or our services
  • (d) when you provide feedback to us
  • (e) when you otherwise contact us by telephone, email, social media, post or in person, or
  • (f) where we are otherwise required or authorised by law to do so.

How do we use your Personal Information

5.1 We use the Personal Information we collect about you for our business functions and activities, in order to operate our business efficiently, and to market our products and services for the benefit of our customers.

5.2 We may collect, hold and use your personal information:

  • (a) to identify and communicate with you
  • (b) to enable us to provide you with requested information, products or services
  • (c) to otherwise assist customers by providing them with information and support
  • (d) to collect and process payments
  • (e) to help us to manage and enhance products or services we provide to you
  • (f) to respond to any queries or complaints you may have
  • (g) to investigate, review, mitigate risks associated with, and inform you of, a data or other breach
  • (h) to comply with our statutory and legal obligations

5.3 We reserve the right at all times to monitor, review, retain, and/or disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any applicable law, but we have no obligation to monitor the use of the Website or to retain the content of any user session.

5.4. You consent to us using your Personal Information in the above ways and as set out in this Privacy Policy.

5.5 We may otherwise collect, use or disclose your Personal Information Where the collection, use or disclosure is:

(a) in accordance with this Privacy Policy or any agreement you enter into with us, or

(b) required or authorised by law, including without limitation the Australian Privacy Principles under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth).

When do we disclose your Personal Information?

6.1 The Neon Loft may disclose, or provide access to, your Personal Information to third parties in connection with the purposes described in paragraph 5.

6.2 We are a national organisation and may collect, use and disclose personal Information generally within Australia (including between states and territories).

6.3 We may collect, use and disclose your Personal Information for the other purposes not listed in this Privacy Policy. If we do so, we will make it known to you at the time we collect or use your Personal Information.


7.1 You consent to us using your Personal Information for sending you information, including promotional material, about us or our products and services, now and in the future. You also consent to us sending you such information by means of direct mail, email, SMS, and MMS messages.

7.2 If you don’t want to receive marketing information from us, you can unsubscribe in any of the following ways:

(a) clicking on the ‘Unsubscribe’ or subscription preferences link in a direct marketing email that you have received from us; or

(b) contacting us using the contact details specified in paragraph 12.

Storage and security of Personal Information held by us

8.1 We aim to keep your Personal Information secure. Any Personal Information that is collected via our Website or which is held on our computer systems is protected by safeguards.

8.2 We do not collect sensitive or financial information about our users via our Website.

8.3 If we find that we no longer require or have no further need for your Personal Information we may de-identify it or remove it from our systems and destroy all records of it.

You can access and update your Personal Information

9.1 We take all reasonable steps to ensure that any Personal Information we collect and use is accurate, complete and up-to-date. To assist us in this, you need to provide true, accurate, current and complete information about yourself as requested, and properly update the information provided to us to keep it true, accurate, current and complete.

9.2 Please contact us in any of the ways specified in paragraph 2 if you believe that the Personal Information is inaccurate, incomplete or out of date, and we will use all reasonable efforts to correct the information.

9.3 It would assist us to ensure we properly understand your request and allow us to respond more promptly if requests are made in writing and include as much detail as possible.

How do we deal with complaints about privacy?

10.1 If you feel that we have not respected your privacy or that we have conducted ourselves inconsistently with this Privacy Policy, please contact our privacy officer in any of the ways specified in paragraph 12 and advise us as soon as possible. We will investigate your queries and privacy complaints within a reasonable period of time depending on the complexity of the complaint.

Updates to this Privacy Policy

11.1 We may, from time to time, review and update this Privacy Policy, including to take into account new laws, regulations, practices and technology. All Personal Information held by us will be governed by our most recent Privacy Policy, posted on our Website at: www.theneonloft.com.au where the Privacy Policy will be located. Any changes to this Privacy Policy may be advised to you by updating this page on our Website. We will aim to provide reasonable advance notice of such changes though this may not always be possible depending on the circumstances. We encourage you to check this page from time to time for any changes.

What to do if you have a question, problem or complaint, or want to contact us about our use of your Personal Information or this Privacy Policy

12.1 If you:

  • (a) have a query or concern about this Privacy Policy or our Personal Information handling processes
  • (b) wish to make a complaint in relation to a breach of your privacy
  • (c) would like to access your Personal Information held by us
  • (d) would like to update or correct your Personal Information held by us, or
  • (e) would like to opt-out of direct marketing

Please contact us by email at hello@theneonloft.com.au

This Privacy Policy was last updated on 21/12/2021